Amy Wisotsky, owner and instructor at Brookside Pilates began dancing just as soon as she could walk.  It was her hobby, her passion, and her first true love.  Injuries slowly took her away from her passion, and years later she found herself sitting in a cubicle, missing the art of movement.


After hearing over and over that dancers love Pilates, she finally gave it a shot.  The first time she had her feet in the straps doing leg circles, she was hooked.  After four years of practice, Amy trained under master trainers Lani Pelino and Niedra Gabriel to complete her 600-hour Pilates certification through Mind2Body.


Her passion to help others shines through in her gentle yet encouraging demeanor.  Amy has worked with individuals with wide-ranging fitness abilities and conditions including MS, Parkinsons, Scoliosis, stroke and Lyme disease.  Amy practiced Pilates throughout her pregnancy giving her a unique perspective when working with pregnant women, knowing how to accommodate a woman's growing body.  In addition, Amy's own battles with injuries and struggles with food allow for a deeper, more profound connection with her clients.  


Amy now calls herself a wife, mom, and business-owner and has never been happier or more fulfilled.    


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